Last Monday, I had new carpet and linoleum put in my apartment. It feels so good on my feet.

Of course, with having that done, I had to move everything and unplug my Tivo and internet modem. Well, Monday evening when I was putting everything back, my internet and cable would not come on.

Odd. So I call and the automated message said there was an outage in the area. Ok, cool, that's probably why.

The next morning, I get up and still nothing is working. So I make the call to have a technician come out. Thursday between 10 A.M. and noon is the first time available.

Technician shows up and determines that the cable running from "the tap" (box that the cable goes into and then is distributed to the other apartments) to my apartment has gone out. My apartment complex has to replace it.

My complex has a small repair team so it's not going to be an immediate fix. Plus it's Thursday. Plus we're about to go into the Labor Day weekend.

So what have I done to entertain myself? I did get outside a little more. Played with the dog a little more. Lived a little more.

I did binge watch old school, too. I had 25 episodes of Hawaii Five-O and 17 episodes of Marvel's Agents of Shield on my DVR I hadn't watched yet.

Hawaii Five-O is a fantastic show, by the way. It's in season eight and I've been there for all of it. Start watching if you haven't already. And yes, I have watched all 25 episodes.

I've gotten through 7 episodes of Marvel's Agents of Shield so far.

Plus I have my Nintendo Classic Mini, Super Nintendo Classic Mini, Super Retrocade and Playstation. I couldn't go online but I stayed entertained.

Having said all this, my world hasn't come to an end, it's actually been kinda nice. If I had a VCR, I could have watched the VHS tapes I still have and been fully living in 1992.

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