Have you guys noticed that manners seem to have gone out of style? I ask this question, because I was at the grocery store a few weeks ago, and noticed an elderly woman having a hard time getting a buggy unstuck from another buggy.  I witnessed several people getting their buggy, and ignoring the elderly woman. Really!?

It wasn't kids ignoring this woman, it was adult men and women! (Emily Post would have had a fit.) Personally, It made me sad to think that our society is so uncaring to others. Is the problem that society is so stressed and busy that we just don't pay attention, or is it because we just don't care? By the way, I got that sweet lady her buggy -  because I was taught manners!

Here is the definition of Manners, according to The Free Dictionary.com - "A way of acting; bearing or behavior.":

It may sound boring or "uncool," but manners used to be extremely important, and for good reason, it separates us from the animals people!

Here's what Emily Post has to say:

Amidst today's fast-paced world of technological innovation and casual lifestyles, manners naturally adapt to new situations. Social and cultural traditions fuse and transform in new ways, and the roles and expectations of adults and children evolve to meet those trends. Despite continuous changes, however, social civility remains rooted in the guiding principles of respect, consideration, and honesty.

Be a courteous driver. Driving with good manners might seem outdated, but it could just save your life.

  • If you come to a four-way stop that another driver doesn't seem to know how to manage, just motion him or her to go ahead of you.
  • Yield to pedestrians, and try to give cyclists plenty of room. You and your vehicle, are a lot more dangerous to them than they are to you. It's our responsibility to try to make sure everyone is safe.
  • Don't tailgate people or refuse to let them into your lane.
  • Use your turn signals even if you don't think anyone is around - you never know if there's a pedestrian or cyclist you just can't see.

Hold open doors for other people. You don't have to be a guy to hold a door open. If someone will be entering the door shortly after you, pause a second and hold it open. Say "After you, sir/ma'am," if the person is a stranger; if not, use his or her name in place of sir or ma'am. Wouldn't you appreciate if they did that for you? Especially if your arms were full?

Basic courtesy. Saying  "please," excuse me," and "thank you," when you need to. People notice when you're courteous and respectful toward them, and it can count for a lot.

Know how to answer the phone.  Please people, please. Be pleasant and polite and say, "Hello." Not "Speak," "Yea," or "What." Yes, I've actually had people answer the phone like that.

I think as parents, it is our job to teach our kids manners. I would love it when someone would tell me how polite and well-mannered, my daughter, Chloe, was when she was young.

Now it;'s your turn, share your thoughts on manners, and the manners you miss seeing these days.