Over the weekend, I found myself in Longview and recalled an article that crowd sourced the best spots to get crawfish in East Texas. Cajun Steamer in Longview wasn't on the initial list, but y'all made your voices heard so I stopped by to grab a beer and the biggest crawfish I've ever seen in my life (Don't worry Wade's is the next stop)!

TSM | Jason Eisenberg
TSM | Jason Eisenberg

Ok, by now you've figured out this isn't a real crawfish. This smiling guy was bussing tables in his crawfish outfit and he was kind enough to take a photo with me. I actually didn't get crawfish that night (actually there were some in my very delicious Etouffee) - I didn't wanna get messy Friday night.


All I know is people were friendly, I hung out with a 'crawdaddy', and good food was eaten. I'll have to come back for these some time soon.

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