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If you're New Year's resolutions mentioned anything about getting in shape, exercising more, and feeling all-around healthier, I'm sure you've been looking into joining a gym and ways to live a healthier lifestyle.

Just listening to the radio or watching TV during this time of the year, you're bombarded by offers with no monthly dues, no signup fees on gym memberships or introductory rates, free weeks or free shipping from healthy eating delivery services or weight-loss support programs. We all want to lead a better lifestyle and it is something that takes work and dedication and you can obtain that goal with the help of a gym membership.

A gym recently opened up in the Houston area that had members waiting in line for hours to get into the new facility. This state-of-the-art workout facility seems to be more of a social media hangout than a workout facility. Now it's an extremely flashy place that has a lot of amenities for its members. There are three huge gyms, an outdoor workout area, basketball courts, a 40-yard turf practice field along with a retail center, a cafeteria even special posing rooms for that perfect selfie.

Checking out some videos of this place on TikTok, this gym has a very social media hangout feel to it, almost like a nightclub. To get to the gym you have to walk through a color-changing LED-lit hallway and then everyone seems to be hanging around chilling with each other and not working out. I'm sure workouts happen though because why else would they be there.

Are there 'no judgements' or a 'judgement free zone' in this place?

I've got a feeling that if I were to walk into this place I would be judged pretty quickly because I look nothing like the members they have featured on their Instagram page! I'm ok with that though because we all start somewhere. These people do work and train hard to get their bodies looking the way they do and showing them off. I'm pretty confident though the majority of their members don't judge, but if you don't look like they do, it's hard to think you're not being judged!

Now if your resolution was to get in shape and exercise more, as Nike says, 'Just Do It' and build a better and new you in 2022.

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