Red Bandanna is Aaron Watson's latest album. And yes, it's out now. It's awesome, too.

Some reviewer, just based on the album cover being nothing a picture of a red bandanna, thought it was some kind of rap album. Aaron read a quick review of this person thinking it was a "blood anthem", referring to the gang. Boy was that guy surprised.

Aaron is on the road a lot. He told a great story about his daughter. She called and said "we need to talk". Of course being the great dad he is, he wanted to know what she wanted to talk about. Her response, "Guinea pigs. If I'm gonna be a vet one day, I need animals." Something tells us, she's getting her guinea pig.

Aaron is very proud of the fact that he is an independent artist. Aaron makes his success happen all on his own without some suit pushing him in a direction he doesn't want to go. His true love for his fans will never let him join a major label.

And hey, he's super successful and his music is awesome so why change it.

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