Now, of course this is all theoretical as there were will be others in the gubernatorial race. And before any Democrat-ish contenders come into play, there's the primaries to get through first.

Republicans planning on taking on Governor Greg Abbott that we know of include conservatives Allen West, Don Huffines, and probably Chad Prather and possibly others... So why pose this question?

Well, because life is unpredictable. It's interesting to ponder these what-if's. Because really, ya never know. And as fast as time is flying, November 2022 will be here before we know it.

Out of all the Democratic candidates thus far, these two seem to be in the headlines quite a bit. ARE they gonna run? And how much would these two seek to change the "Texas way of life?" It's causing some concern for many East Texans.

And honestly, no one is even sure yet if Matthew McConaughey would even run as a Democrat. Is he a Democrat? Well, let's start with the one we know for SURE, is.

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Beto O' Rourke, the passionate progressive.

Could Beto O' Rourke ever become governor in the great state of Texas?  Even among Democrats, he's quite liberal in his views--and especially for conservative-leaning Texans who still make up the majority.

He's seems quite earnest about his position on the issues facing Texans everyday, although many may not agree with that position. He clearly seems willing to work extremely hard, but not in the way that some Texans want.

It's true, the political affiliations of Texas are changing a bit among some of the population. But one can't help but wonder if O' Rourke is a bit TOO "blue" to hold the primary leadership position in the Lone Star State.

And on top of that, even though McConaughey is still "undecided," some recent polls show him polling ahead of Beto as of today--including one done at East Texas' own UT Tyler.

Speaking of, what about Matthew McConaughey?

He's an East Texas native and CLEARLY has a ton of star power and charisma. But does that make him a good candidate for governor? Many Texans are not sure of what his policies would even be at this juncture.

When asked in an interview how he'd approach running for Governor, McConaughey said some of the best advice he'd ever heard was that one should approach it "as a statesman, not as a politician."

He said often these campaigns are approached as if they're a game, and he feels one should see it as "a serious business." He went on to say he'd be more interested in the "business of serving people rather than the game."

He told Forbes he said he believes "politics needs re-purposing" and that this game of pandering to one's own party can't be the best way to go about a political campaign. What do you think about that?

Of course, the questions remain: how exactly would he seek to run this "business of serving people?" How does that translate into policy? Are we even sure where he falls on the issues at this point?

And as aforementioned, other gubernatorial candidates have firmly flung their hats into the ring. Including Texas GOP chairman, Allen West and former State Senator Don Huffines who will be challenging Abbott in the Republican primary.

Who are you leaning toward at this juncture? Re-elect Abbott? West or Huffines?

Or will we be facing a new term with O' Rourke or McConaughey in the Governor's Mansion in Austin?

Would love your feedback, East Texas.

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