Fishing is a way of life for lots of people here in the great state of Texas. It’s a way to relax and lots of fun but it’s horrible when people don’t follow the laws and make it more difficult for everyone else. Which is exactly what took place earlier this month off the Gulf of Mexico. 

We got the details from KHOU about 5 boats used to catch more than 2,500 pounds of Red Snapper that were all illegally caught. The reason it was illegal is because it was all going unreported. That number of fish could disrupt local economy in the area.  

Who Caught These Illegal Fishermen? 

This was a group effort with Texas Game Wardens, Texas Parks and Wildlife and the Coast Guard officials that caught the 20 fisherman and 2,640 pounds of fish. The fishermen were all from Mexico and after being detained they were transferred to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.  

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Officials Weren’t Sure What They Were Going to Find 

While illegal fishing is bad, officials weren’t sure exactly what they were going to find on these boats. The boats used for fishing are the same ones that are often used in drug smuggling, so it’s good to hear this dangerous situation didn’t get any worse.  

If You Notice Suspicious Activity on the Water in Texas 

If you notice anything that doesn’t seem right while you’re enjoying time on the water, you’re encouraged to call 1-800-792-GAME (4263). So, officials can check and make sure everyone is following the rules and regulations, that way we can all enjoy fishing for years to come.  

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