Ok, so I'm jumping on the bandwagon of Crazy Rich Asians.

Before the games kick off tomorrow morning, I plan to get a yoga class in, and check out Crazy Rich Asians on the big screen. I'm currently listening to the third book in Kevin Kwan's trilogy. Yes, it started as a novel.

If you've been wanting to read, or in my case listen, to a great book - pick this one up. I downloaded it on audible, and as soon as the first book ended, I was downloading the second. The cast of characters is colorful and interesting, and while some moments may be predictable, they are just as enjoyable.

Family drama is at the heart of the story, and pride and tradition are the backbones of the asian elite. As the new generation becomes more and more westernized, they make choices that force their tangled families into the future.

The decadence is almost unimaginable, but an absolute delight. I'm looking forward to seeing the film!

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