I want to first say, this memorial is not necessarily one of Jesus. In fact, there is a lot of debate whether the statue is Jesus or not.

According to Atlas Obscura, some say the beardless face is too feminine and that the figure is leaning on a cross instead of carrying it. But the statue located at Evergreen Cemetery in Paris, Texas has long been identified as "Jesus in Cowboy Boots".

This statue serves as a memorial of Willet Babcock who ended up in Paris after the Civil War. According to weirdus.com, Babcock played a major role in making Paris a focal point for cabinet-making in Texas in the 1870s.

Atlas Obscura writes that he was well liked and characterized as a fun and entertaining man. According to the article, his furniture shop doubled as the town opera house, which seated 1,200 people on the second floor.

The memorial was commissioned by Babcock before he died to a German immigrant named Gustave Kline - he had already created other beautiful markers at Evergreen Cemetery.

Whether the figure was intended to be Jesus or not, it certainly is something that makes sense in Texas. Cowboys and cowgirls can be angels too, after all.

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