In the midst of the destruction left by last weekend's tornados, something special was recovered in the rubble that lead to a beautiful, life-changing moment for this Paris, Texas couple.

After the destruction left in the wake of the tornado that hit Paris, TX last weekend, both the current home AND new home Dakota Johnson and Lauren Patterson were building were destroyed. Lauren's car was also totaled. Like many of their neighbors, they found themselves facing the terrible grief of the loss of personal property and dealing with the cleanup.

Screenshots from Skylar Vest's Tik Tok Video
Screenshots from Skylar Vest's Tik Tok Video

However, it has been said that every cloud carries a silver lining. And sometimes, that lining is gold.

One of the things that seemed lost forever in the rubble was an engagement ring Dakota had for Lauren.

Thankfully, they had many friends (quite a few were players on the Paris Junior College softball team)  that spent hours and hours helping them search through the destruction. Hours later, they found her ring that they worried might be gone forever. And guess what happened next right there in the midst of the turmoil?

Screenshots from Skylar Vest's Tik Tok Video
Screenshots from Skylar Vest's Tik Tok Video

Dakota got down on one knee and proposed right there at the moment. And YES she said YES! You just really have to watch the video for yourself. It's truly the happy, uplifting, encouraging content we all need right now. Take a look...

And here is another angle from that sweet moment:

Congratulations to Lauren Patterson and Dakota Hudson on your engagement! All of us are wishing you all the happiness in the world. Thanks for sharing your story of finding light in the darkness with us all.

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