Yes, there is a miniature version of the famous Eiffel Tower of Paris, France found in the Lone Star State. In fact, it's found in Paris, too.

Paris, Texas is where you will find a much smaller version of the French Tower, topped with a red cowboy hat... because, Texas!

This replica of the French masterpiece stands 60 feet tall, underneath the hat. The hat which was added later, helps the structure climb another 10 feet, and at the time gave legitimacy to its claim as the second tallest Eiffel Tower... until the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas erected theirs, which stands at 541 feet.

For comparison, the original stands at 986 feet, and for four decades was the world's tallest structure.

Ready to road trip to Paris for a selfie? You'll find it located at the Red River Valley Veterans Memorial on Collegiate Drive.

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