I love my cat and have joked with my friends and family over the years that I should marry him. He's black and white and basically already wearing a tuxedo, plus, he hates other people and probably wouldn't ever "cheat" on me. That being said, I have no real plans to marry my cat...BUT...if I actually wanted to, could I? Let's see what Texas law has to say about it.

So, is it actually legal to marry your pet in Texas?

You might be surprised to learn that national laws do not specifically mention human-animal marriages. This means that there is technically nothing stopping someone from marrying their beloved furry friend. Unfortunately, because a pet can't consent or sign a contract, marriage to your pet would not actually be legal in the United States. A marriage contract gives a couple certain rights and obligations, such as the ability to make medical decisions for one another, and the right to file joint taxes

I don't know about you, but my cat would not be the best person to ask whether or not a doctor should pull the plug on me. He's also pretty irresponsible and probably owes back taxes, so it's honestly for the best that we don't take our relationship to the next level.

Through researching various human-animal marriages on the internet, it appears that 9 times out of 10, people just want to marry their pets because they love them, and not for any weird sexual reasons. However, there are still some creeps out there that want to engage in that type of activity with animals. Luckily, there are animal abuse laws that protect them from that in most states. Texas, however, does not have any laws to specifically protect animals from bestiality, which is honestly quite disturbing. Luckily, torturing animals is absolutely prohibited in Texas, and I'm pretty sure you could argue in court that engaging in sexual acts with an animal falls under that category.

So, basically, you CAN marry your pet...but it's not actually honored by the court and would not be a legally binding contract. It would just be more of a ceremony, just for fun. I think your dog would probably look pretty adorable in a suit and tie, so why not?

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