Man's best friend sure loves a good car ride. Head out the window. Vibing with their favorite person from the passenger's seat. It's fun to ride around with your pup. That being said, is it legal to leave them in a parked car while you are running errands? Let's see what Texas law has to say about it.

So, is it legal to leave my dog in a parked car in Texas?

It is NOT illegal to leave your dog in a parked car for a reasonable amount of time, however, it crosses the line into animal cruelty if it is hot outside. It's warming up right now, and it's important to remember that if YOU are uncomfortable in your car without the A/C running, your furry dog is miserable. Don't ever leave your animal in a hot car, whether the windows are cracked or not, it's a no-no. If you can't leave the A/C on while you walk inside a business, don't bring your dog!

Unfortunately, the "Good Samaritan Law" does not apply in Texas and you can get into trouble for breaking a person's window to free a dog from the heat, so don't do that. Instead, write down their license plate number and call 311, a non-emergency police number, or the local animal control in the event you come across a dog that is suffering in a hot vehicle in Texas.

The best way to prevent your pet from heat stroke is to make sure you never leave them in a hot vehicle, even for only a short period of time. Don't do it. You wouldn't do it to your baby, or your friend. Don't do it to your dog. They are your baby AND your friend!

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