It's Just Like the Setting of a Scary Movie.

An old red dirt road tucked away in the East Texas Pine Curtain in Marshall, Texas. It overgrown branches in some areas and blocks the sun and at night it blocks the moonlight. If you're looking for a creepy unsettling drive, welcome to Marshall's old Stagecoach Road.

Mimadeo, Thinkstock Images
Mimadeo, Thinkstock Images

Before This Road Was Known as a Haunted Road, It Was the Main Road Used by Stagecoaches Connecting East Texas to Shreveport.

This road was well-traveled before the Civil War in the mid-1800s. Once the expanse of the railroad made its way through East Texas travel on the stagecoach road dramatically declined. Even though this road is registered as a historical site, there is not a historical marker on the actual road.

In November of 2020, a YouTube channel called Old Time Road Trip Tour made its way to the most haunted road of Marshall, Texas.

 "This Is the Most Haunted Trail in Texas" Claims Old Time Road Trip Tour.

Their video includes a visit to the Pine Bluff Missionary Baptist Church where the historical marker is located. Unfortunately, their video was taken during the day so we didn't see any paranormal activity during this video. Check out their video below.

Although the road has been maintained by the county, they have wanted to keep a lot of the road as original as possible.

Clay Henderson YouTube
Clay Henderson YouTube

Another YouTube video posted by Clay Henderson with Sonshine Paranormal shows them driving down the dirt road in the middle of the night. In the video, they claim that they were getting a lot of hits on their K2 ghost meter tool so they decided to get out of the vehicle and investigate.

They claim that you can see a woman in a long white dress walking across the road. They also have photos of what they claim is a man on the side of the road. What do you think it is?

Watch the video below and tell us what you see.

According to The Marshall News Messenger, several ghost hunters have made their way to the haunted road to catch glimpse of the ghostly legends that lurk under the East Texas Pine Curtain.

Have you had any scary experiences in Marshall, Texas on Stagecoach Road?

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