Me and my girlfriend have been together since September and we've taken two road trips together. For the most part, the It's A Southern Thing video above was pretty much how it went; without the motion sickness.

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Her driving is okay. That's all I'll say about that. She likes to make fun of mine, though, because I'm aware of everything on the road. For example, I can do a quick scan of my mirrors and can tell her what idiot thing the white Toyota two lanes over is about to do. Or I'm trying to position myself on the highway and I'm talking to the cars like they'll do as I command. "Come on Kia, get by me so I can pass this Nissan."

Driving with me is always entertaining. Especially when I make fun of the people who think they can drive 50 mph in the right lane on Broadway knowing there is a business turn in or intersection every twenty feet that will slow them down and they get mad because of it. It's even better when they get caught behind a stopped city bus. Just a tip to those of you who do that, just stay in the middle lane, you'll thank me later.

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