It's been a great football season across East Texas this year. And while you're sitting in the stands, you have seen at least one of the eight moms in the It's A Southern Thing video above.

Actually, you have most likely seen all of them.

My mom was "The One That Doesn't Understand Football". But she cheered me on nonetheless.

I've seen "The Seat Saver" a few times. It almost started a couple of fights.

I will tell you the moms that can be a bit more extra than football moms are soccer moms. I've been to a few games and I was scared sitting next to them. The soccer dads had their own little gathering spot because I think they were scared, too.

But I hope you've have had a great season cheering on your player and school. Keep showing that school spirit in whatever way you can.

Check out more videos from It's A Southern Thing at their Youtube channel.

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