Ahh, the trip to the grocery store. It should be a pleasurable experience. But sometimes you run into certain types of shoppers that either annoy or baffle you.

I fall into one of the categories for sure, "The guy who thinks he doesn't need a buggy." Not every time I go, but I've had a couple of trips like in the video.

On occasion, I will be "The Ghost", too. Just because I've run into "The Reunion" and can't get past them.

"The Snacker" is one I've never tried because I always eat before I grocery shop. I've shopped on an empty stomach and it's never come out good.

The rest, I've run into at least one of those every time I've gone to the store. You would think "The Exact Changer" doesn't exist anymore but many people still use checks. Why? I don't know.

Enjoy more from "It's A Southern Thing" on their Youtube channel.

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