Over the last several years we've heard ridiculous stories of kids having their lemonade stands shut down for one reason or the other. Well now, thanks to a new Texas law, that will no longer be the case.

Just the fact we have to have a law for this is ridiculous in it's own right.

Governor Gregg Abbott signed the new law Monday, June 10, according to KLTV.

The law was introduced by Fort Worth state representative Matt Krause. His inspiration was an incident in 2015 where two Overton girls had their stand shut down. They were selling the lemonade so they could buy tickets to Splash Kingdom so they could spend some time with their dad.

There is even a provision in the law that prevents homeowner associations from banning lemonade stands in their neighborhoods.

Time to save our dollars and get ready to enjoy some lemonade goodness from the kids down the street.

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