We all know that life can be fragile, and tomorrow isn't promised but I have been reminded of that twice in the past 24 hours. Please understand this isn't about poor me, because even though I've been in tough situations, there are people that are in far worse situations than I am in. This is just your friendly reminder to seize each day we are lucky enough to enjoy on this planet.

The tough situations began last night as I got an unexpected Facebook call from a good friend's girlfriend. We've never just called each other so I thought it was strange, just seconds later she messaged saying it was an emergency. My buddy had a seizure, had to receive CPR from his girlfriend, he is now being looked at by doctors in an ICU.

After talking to his mother she said the only thing to do now is think positive and pray for him to recover. His outcome is still very much up in the air, but I'm glad to say we didn't lose him last night.

This Morning My Dog Had Surgery That Didn't Go As Planned

While some people don't think of animals as family, I do. We've had Koda for 11 years since he rescued us and our old boy just doesn't realize he is getting older. He still has the energy of a pup, and while he was playing hard at the dog park he tore his ACL. His surgery this morning to repair the ACL didn't go as planned.

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Thankfully the Staff Saved My Dog

As surgery was just getting started Koda had a bad reaction to one of the medications and his pulse was gone, luckily they were able to bring him back. For now we are exploring all of our options but it's possible that he might just have to deal with this injury from now on. But at least tonight our boy is okay, and we can love on him when he is ready to be released from the Veterinarian.

Almost losing a good friend and a family member in about 24 hours has been yet another wake up call for me. It's a reminder that tomorrow isn't promised, seize today. And thanks for reading the details on the things I'm trying not to stress out about.

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