They May Look Like Kids Candy But It Will Have You Acting Like One And They Are Still Illegal In Texas.

While marijuana and all things "THC" are being legalized all around us, this is a friendly reminder that these items are still considered ILLEGAL in the State of Texas and cops will still take you to jail in most areas for having it.

The Texarkana (Texas) Police are sharing details about a recent arrest.

According to a post on The Texarkana Police Department's Facebook page, officers there arrested a man and seized a box of THC edibles during a traffic stop on Jarvis Parkway Monday morning. Take a REAL close look at these because they really do look like kids candy like "Sour Patch Kids" but you can see something on the label that will tell you that this ain't for kids.

You Might Want To Be On The Lookout For These.

Texarkana Police Facebook
Texarkana Police Facebook

Upon a closer look, you can see the labeling has "THC 600mg" and "MEDICATED" which means these edibles are packed with the substance in marijuana that gets you "high". The Texarkana Police are warning parents especially to be on the lookout for these types of packages.

Police Did Not Release Any Details On The Person Arrested.

Texarkana Police
Texarkana Police

From a distance they do like any other candy you would find at a local dollar store or in the grocery aisle so be careful out there and don't let your kids get a hold of if you're an adult, that's on you.

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