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Alien obsession in the South

Obsessed with aliens is an understatement to describe how I feel after recently watching the congressional hearing on the existence of aliens and aliens landing on Earth.

Did you know that in the 1800's an alien and his craft supposedly crash-landed in Aurora, Texas? You can read that article by clicking the button below.

The story goes like this, " An alien crash-landed in Texas and small-town southerners being super hospitable and not wanting to cause a scene decided to just bury the deceased alien and his craft by a tree quietly. "

What do you think Texans would do if they found an alien?

And Texans also being very gossipy and unable to mind their own business told everybody in the world afterward, so grave robbers invaded the site. Now Aurora has a monument in place of the gravesite.

With that in mind, when we came across the TikTok video below depicting what it might be like if a Southerner came across an alien crash landing in the South, we just had to share it!!!

Hilarious Trending TikTok Video If Aliens Landed in The South

Caution: Content of an explicit nature.

@b.smith.fam I can’t believe they got Trishas in space too!!!!!! #freebrenda#aliens#fyp#alien#comedy#southern#south#funny#dirtroad#fypシ#southernaccent♬ original sound - Britany Smith

Aurora isn't the only Texas town that has been frequented by aliens! 
We have the Top Ten Alien and Alien Craft sightings in Texas for you below too. 
From Brownsville to Houston, Stephenville to Ft. Hood these Texas towns have all been visited with first-person accounts of sightings in the South! 

Wonder if any of these summer vacation destinations in Texas would appeal to our alien friends from above...

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