The Texas Rangers hold a special fascination to many and hold a near-mythic status in the Texas imagination. I'm not talking about the baseball team, but I nearly cried when they won the World Series.

The law enforcement agency for which the baseball team was named has a deep history in Texas, and agents hold much power. But are they more powerful than the F.B.I.?


The answer is a little more murky than you would think, but ultimately, the F.B.I. holds more power, simply because they have a larger jurisdiction. Insofar as "rank" goes, both are at the top of the law enforcement game.

Think of it this way: the Texas Rangers are like our F.B.I., but we have F.B.I. too. Make sense? Inside Texas, their power is parallel to each other.

So what power do Texas Rangers wield?

Quite a bit, and in many areas. The Texas Rangers, "conduct major violent crime, public corruption, cold case and officer-involved shooting investigations and oversee the department’s border security and tactical and crisis negotiation programs."

They are our police OF police and also handle the worst and most complicated crimes. They are so powerful they need no official uniform, save for their badge. That's pretty cool.

They've been involved in averting and solving some of Texas' most famous crimes, like preventing the assassination of a president (Taft) and capturing some of the most notorious criminals, like outlaw John Wesley Hardin, although he did escape and was later shot to death while playing cards.

In short, don't get on the bad side of either of these agencies.

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