Most people living in Texas seem to feel comfortable and safe, even though we know that crime happens everywhere. While we might not leave our front doors unlocked like we did when we were growing up it’s still a good feeling knowing that you can go home and you truly feel safe. But since crime happens everywhere, what is the most common item that seems to get stolen the most in Texas? 

The last thing anyone wants to deal with is someone taking items from their home. You have worked hard for everything you own, it’s not right for anyone to think they can just take something that is yours. Although unfortunately it does happen. When looking at the statistics Texas is ranked #36 for property crimes in the country, you have a 2.39% chance of being a property crime victim in Texas in the next 12 months.  

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Property Crime is Decreasing 

Research shows that property crime in Texas has been trending in the right direction as there was a 37% decrease in property crime in Texas from 2010 compared to 2019. While things are improving make sure you’re doing everything possible to make sure you don’t become a target. Something you should know is that 60% of criminals would consider another target if a security system was present.  

The Most Common Stolen Item in Texas Homes 

Let’s hope that you never have to worry about people stealing anything from your home. But the most common item stolen from Texas homes is jewelry or precious metals. This is your warning to keep all your valuables locked up.  

Common Stolen Items
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