I have many fond memories of riding my bike to the nearest corner store and picking up a copy of "The Peddler". This small half-page of newsprint held all of the deals a young musician or car enthusiast in East Texas could ask for.

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The Peddler Was A Free Way To Advertise And It Cleans Windows

I am sure I met many a person to take a look at an old amp or car that wasn't running. I even remember the first ad I ever placed myself back when I was 13.

I mow yards. 634-2722

I wasn't good at mowing yards, as some of our neighbors could have attested to, but I wanted a new bass guitar so I could join my friend's band.

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For those of us who couldn't afford to put an ad in the "regular" paper, the Peddler was the next best thing. Way before Facebook marketplace, Craigslist, and eBay, this was the way that we exchanged, bought, and traded used items.

The East Texas Peddler Was Online Very Early

The Peddler has kept up with modern times, and now we go on Peddlernet.com to see all of the things people in our local area have for sale. They still print 14,000 physical copies every week.

If that reminds you of your past, this icon could be all yours. It is now up for sale - lock, stock, and barrel.

The 1215 square foot building and the entire business are listed together for $300K. Just the physical location at 219 E Laurel Ave in downtown Lufkin is also for sale separately for $100K.

The Peddler Is For Sale in East Texas

You could own this local icon for only $300K.

Gallery Credit: Dan Patrick

Over 40 Felony Arrests In Angelina County in January 2024

These are felony arrests in Angelina County in January with mugshots. All defendants are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Most of the arrests were made by the Lufkin Police Department and the Angelina County Sheriff's Office.

Gallery Credit: Dan Patrick







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