I can't even begin to describe the amount of dread I got from this past Thursday, February 22, 2024 when my cellphone had no service. The amount of anxiety I was feeling was because I thought perhaps AT&T had been hacked by a foreign government.


I don't know why all these worst-case scenarios were running through my mind, especially when the real answer for the outages boiled down to a bad update on their system that was corrected the same day.

Apple or any cell phone manufacturer could accidentally send a new update that renders our phones just as useless, they just haven't. If they did, would they tell us the truth and give us a $5 credit like AT&T?

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Keeping You Connected Matters To AT&T

If any of the services that we pay for don't work for a day, it's usually because of a localized issue and we don't get a credit. Since this was a national outage, they have stepped up to give us all $5.

Your Billing Cycle Will Determine When You See A Credit

At AT&T they send out bills every day. So it might take 1 or even 2 billing cycles to see the credit on your bill. They are reaching out to potentially impacted customers.

What About Texas Business Owners That Lost Revenue Because Of The Outage?

Is $5 enough money for the issues that were potentially caused by not being able to reach business contacts or get messages from clients? AT&T addressed that on their 'Making It Right' webpage.

Those users who were impacted by the outage with business accounts are getting an automatic account credit. They have also said that if they have any concerns they will have discussions with each of their business customers individually.

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