Today is Valentine's Day and a lot of boxes of chocolates will be purchased at the last minute time. Next time, invest in one of these awesome Texas chocolate boxes.

Scroll Through to See Some Amazing Texas Chocolate

"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get," as the great Forrest Gump once said. Well I can guarantee you at any of these places, you're going to get some amazing chocolate, plus you get to support Texas while doing so. Who doesn't love that?

Wiseman House Chocolate in Hico, Texas

Delysia Chocolatier in Austin

Tejas Chocolate Craftory in Tomball

Dr. Sue's Chocolate in Grapevine

Coca Moda in Waco

Dude, Sweet in Dallas

Candies by Vletas in Abliene

Quintessential Chocolates in Fredricksburg

Cacao & Cardamon in Houston

La India Packing Co in Laredo

^So this last one is weird. If you type in Best Chocolate in Texas. This place keeps coming up, but it's a spice company. Turns out they make their own Mexican style sweet chocolate cocoa. So if you prefer sipping your chocolate. Give this place a try. All info taken from Texas Highways. Let me know where you plan on getting your chocolate this year.

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