To say this topic has enraged Texans would be an understatement, so what do you think?

The Topic That Has Divided Texas

Driving across the great state of Texas, you know when you see a Buc-ee's billboard, happiness is on the way. Mainly for the fact you're guaranteed a clean restroom and some good food/snacks. Obviously a big plus with Buc-ee's is what seems like the infinite amount of gas pumps at many locations and here is where the debate comes in.

Can You Park at the Buc-ee's Gas Pumps?

Yes, Buc-ee's does have some smaller gas stations in Texas. When you picture a Buc-ee's in your head, you think of something above, which is technically one of their travel centers. At minimum, these centers have 80 gas pumps. The average is actually around 100 at most locations. I personally have never had a problem finding a pump ONCE, even during a busy travel weekend. However, some folks complain that you should not be allowed to park at a pump if you're not getting gas.

Debate on Buc-ee's Lovers Group Online

A post from Shelby Vielma has started the debate when she said, "PSA: Gas pumps are NOT parking spots. Thank you." I will admit, I have used a gas pump to park when not getting gas and that is literally because at least 50 pumps are open and all the close parking spots were filled. I would gladly walk further if the pumps are full, but I personally don't see the point if so many are open.

Buc-ee's Rules for Parking?

Technically, Buc-ee's has no rules for parking at the pumps. The only rules are staying there for an extended period of time. For instance, you can't use Buc-ee's as a place to take a nap on a long road trip or use it as a prolonged parking spot. For instance, one Buc-ee's is right next to Texas Motor Speedway. You can't park at Buc-ee's then walk across the street for NASCAR.

Should You Be Allowed to Park at Gas Pumps If You Don't Get Gas as Buc-ee's?

Take the poll above and let me know what you think. People planning a summer road trip in Texas I am sure have an opinion on this.

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