One of the hottest songs in the country just added some fun to a local Texas forecast.

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Well Beyonce' is climbing up the country and pop charts with her new song 'Texas Hold'em. Obviously folks in Texas are going to show some love to a song that mentions our state and to a fellow Texan like Beyonce'. In case you don't know, she grew up in Houston and a local Houston weatherman had some fun this week.

Everyone Meet CW 39 Chief Meteorologist Adam Kreuger

Adam truly seems like he has fun at his job. Honestly if a snowstorm or tornado isn't about touchdown, you should have fun with the weather in Texas. Well Adam has gone viral several times for incorporating song lyrics into this forecasts. The Beyhive became aware of his video and are showing him a lot of love this week.

Don't Worry, He Does All Genres of Music

I know some folks may not be Beyonce' fans, how about Metallica? Yes, Adam can even pull that one off. Seriously, Adam's Instagram page is just a bunch of the times he has pulled this stunt off and I hope his coworkers appreciate the effort he puts into these.

He Even Does Movie Quotes

If sneaking song lyrics into the forecasts wasn't enough. Adam occasionally does movie quotes as well. So if you're ever in the Houston area, tune into CW 39 for the weather forecast. At least you know it will be fun.

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