We have heard it time and time again, Don't Mess with Texas. We are very big into not littering in our great state. We have Texas pride and we are not afraid to show it. So when we see people tossing things out of the window of their car we take offense.

The trash we see up and down the streets of Amarillo really makes a lot of us mad. So we have things like Clean Up Days in Amarillo. We want to be proud of our city, just like we are of our state.


Even though we know it's illegal to toss stuff out of our car windows, people still do it. I don't know why. I mean how much of an effort is it to toss it in a trash can the next time you stop at a gas station? They have places to toss your trash all over the place.

I really don't get it. So when you see someone toss a water bottle out the window it makes me mad. You see someone toss a cigarette butt, yes people still do that. I mean how dangerous is that? Especially with our crazy winds. Many fires on the side of the road are started that way.

I would think tossing food out of the window would be ok. I mean if it is something that a wild animal or a dog would eat. You are feeding a hungry animal. Oh, but it is not. Not everything gets eaten like that. Oh, and you probably toss other trash out with the food. The food gets tossed out with wrappers. That is not cool.

So What is the One Item You Can Legally Toss Out Your Car Window?

What is that one thing that you can toss that won't get you the stare down? What is the one thing that you are legally allowed to toss out of your window? The answer? A liquid. You know something that will dry. Something that will not leave a mess. You have a can of Coke, you can pour it out. You have a Toot N Totum cup full of Dr. Pepper and you don't want it to spill and make a mess in your car. You can pour it out.

Now you can only empty the container. You will have to find a trash can for the cup or can. Don't be tempted to throw the whole thing out of your window because we will not let that slide. Again, Don't Mess With Texas.

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