Growing up in the 1990s was pretty amazing for Christmas movies. We had some greats drop right in our lap, like Home Alone, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Muppet Christmas Carol, Jingle All The Way, Batman Returns (yeah, you heard me), and the decade was capped off with Jim Carrey actually living up to the legendary status of How the Grinch Stole Christmas in the year 2000. But as good as the 90s was for Christmas movies, the 80s were actually better.

Which was also great for us 90s kids, because not only were we getting brand new classics, we had the movies from the 80s already available. Heading into your local VHS rental shop in December was great, because you could always find a Christmas gem from the 80s, or on the "new release" rack.

Unfortunately, it seems like the art of making a Christmas classic is a thing of the past. While we did see some greats after the year 2000, like Elf and Bad Santa, it feels like most of the Christmas movie energy of the last 20 years has been wasted on Hallmark Christmas movies. Those empty movies share one of about three different plots, and might be great for TV movies, but they've started to leak into actual film releases. Now that streaming services have taken up a lot of the movie real estate, it feels like its even worse.

We don't realize how good we had it.


So, now that the holiday season is upon us...nights are getting colder, people are getting into the holiday spirit, let's break out some classics. While you're counting down the days to Christmas, spend some time with these classics...

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