The total solar eclipse will engulf East Texas cities on Monday, April 8th. The population of some East Texas cities is expected to double if not triple for this celestial event.

The population of Tyler, Texas is expected to nearly double thanks to the approximate 100,000 visitors the city is expected to see. These visitors will be flocking not only to Tyler but other cities within the 'path of totality' like Sulphur Springs, Canton, Mineola, Athens, Pittsburg, Mt. Pleasant, Gilmer, Lindale and more.

Although cities like Kilgore, Longview, Jacksonville and Marshall are not within the 100% path of totality, residents will still get to experience a good portion of the eclipse and some darkness.


With so many people in town, there will be a strain on some supplies and resources and locals should be thinking about stocking up on certain things before the influx of people.

East Texans should stock up on these items before the eclipse:

  • fill up on gas in your vehicle before Wednesday
  • stock up on basic food needs - milk, bread, eggs, batteries
  • make sure your prescriptions are filled
  • have enough food for your pets and animals
  • make transportation plans early and plan for traffic congestion

Be patient with out-of-town visitors. There will be a lot more vehicles on the road and traffic along the state highways and interstate is going to be heavier than normal. Once the total solar eclipse event is over things will return to normal most likely by Wednesday.

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Don't miss out on this event, get those glasses because the next total solar eclipse will not happen until 2044.

When the eclipse happens DO NOT DO THE FOLLOWING:

  • look directly at the eclipse with bare eyes
  • look through a camera lens
  • look through binoculars
  • look through a telescope without special solar filters

There are many places throughout East Texas where you can pick up those special solar lenses and in some cases for free and protect those eyes.

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