The Socials From Houston To El Paso, TX Have Been On Fire With Raves About The Hottest New Soda Trend But Is It Worth All The Hype?

I'm a soda connoisseur in my opinion so myself just like other fizzy drink lovers were intrigued when ads started popping up from Sonic Drive-In for their new "Dirty Sodas" and before you know it, I fell down a TikTok rabbit hole about this topic.

A 'Dirty Soda' is combination of soda, coffee creamer, and flavored syrups.


According to Eater, the origins of the "dirty soda" grew from the mostly Mormon population of Utah who abstain from alcohol and caffeine. Shops selling “dirty sodas,” started popping up all over Utah and its popularity only grew from there.

The drink went mainstream in 2022 thanks to its viral popularity on TikTok and its become kind of a "new business" as big brands are hopping all over themselves to cash in on the trend.


Coffee Mate Teamed Up With Texas-Born Dr Pepper For A Creamer You Can Take Home.

Dirty Soda Creamer, a coconut-lime flavored coffee creamer that’s meant to be poured directly into a soda just hit store shelves and its designed to be mixed with Dr Pepper even though you can pour it into whatever soda you want.

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But Does It Taste Good? I Went To Sonic And Tried One.

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Like I said earlier, Sonic Drive-In also launched a line-up of Dirty Drinks last year where you can add Coconut Cream and Lime to your drink so I ordered a Route 44 size Dr Pepper "dirty" and to be honest with yall: Its nothing mind blowing.

While the cream does add a "cake" and "syrupy" flavor to it, it doesn't radically change the flavor of the Dr Pepper. It might stand out with a different soda, who knows, but those are the thoughts from my taste buds and yours could be different.

Have you tried one and if so, what did you think?

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