The Houston Astros Are In The Middle Of A Tight Playoff Race Against The Minnesota Twins Right Now, But There's A Petty Billboard War Going On Off The Field.

Gallery Furniture Owner and Houston Astros Super Fan Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale is a well known and established figure in the Houston community and its sports scene. He's known for taking MILLIONS of his dollars and betting on Houston sports teams to win and passing the winnings down to his customers.

But a Minnesota realtor decided to take a shot at Mattress Mack and the Astros with a billboard teasing him and the Astros and Mack responded with in a MASSIVE WAY.

 Minnesota relator Kris Lindahl Started The War With These Billboards.


According to Fox 26, on Oct.7, Lindahl called out Mattress Mack and put dozens of red and white billboards around Houston in support of the Minnesota Twins in their playoffs' series against Houston Astros.

Lindahl placed his billboards near the Houston airport and Minute Maid Park to challenge Mattress Mack with puns while promoting the Minnesota Twins that read  read "Hey, Mattress Mack You’ve Never Seen Twins Like This! Love, Kris Lindahl."

So Mattress Mack Responded With OVER 50 BILLBOARDS.


Mack clapped back with a red billboard on his Twitter account that read "My wife is a real twin. Go Astros".

On top of that, Mack brought 53 billboards and placed them all over THE ENTIRE STATE OF Minnesota as opposed to just the few Lindahl placed in Houston in a show of force and support for the Astros.

With the Astros now up 2-1 in the series as of the date of this article, Lindahl may want to chill out because right now, Mattress Mack is up!

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