The people we have in our state capital are tasked with passing laws that will keep us safe or to keep us compliant with certain regulations. Sometimes these laws end up either forgotten about or fall victim to time itself. The thing about these odd or outdated laws is that they are still enforceable in Tyler or Longview, Texas if officials deem it necessary. So yeah, you're going to go through these laws still on the books in Texas and raise an eyebrow to most while a couple will still make a little bit of sense.

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Weird Texas Laws

Below you will find a list of 27 of the weirdest laws still on the books in the state of Texas. Some of these laws are outdated. A couple of these laws make no sense whatsoever. A few of these laws are just downright weird.

Weird Laws That Makes Sense

Illegal to sell your eyes makes sense. There's big money in black market organs which is why we don't need any of it legal. Illegal to milk someone else's cow makes sense because, well, that's basically stealing from your neighbor. Having a law against eating your neighbor's garbage makes sense but is also weird because that should just be common sense.

Weird Laws That Make No Sense

So in Texas, you can't have an encyclopedia or a full set of encyclopedias. I wonder how our school got away with that because I remember using those for research. The main reason is that they have a recipe for making homemade beer which Texas has always frowned upon. Another weird law is if you want to commit a crime against someone, you have to give them a 24 hour notice and tell them what crime you are going to commit. Weird but also helpful so you can defend yourself accordingly.

They Can Be Enforced

Keep in mind that while these laws are strange, and some are just outdated, but if officials deem it necessary, they could still be enforced. Might I suggest that if you have a serious problem with these laws still on the books, write your congressman and have them go through the process of getting that law removed.

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