And Both Of Them Will Be Less Than 2 Hours Away From Tyler, TX...

We really don't know how "surfing bars" became a rage but apparently they are the hot new thing in casual dining. Soon, we'll have more surf bars than mechanical bulls in Texas at the rate we're going.

It looks like the effort to turn Texas into California is going according to plan.

We Told You A Few Months Back About Fireside Surf.

YouTube Canva
YouTube Canva

Back in 2023 we told you about Fireside Surf, an entertainment restaurant that includes a wave pool for surfing, that opened in The Colony in February.

The surf pool has "customizable and endless deep-water waves up to 6 feet" and will have levels for beginners to pros.

Fireside also offer lessons that will include a "skill-appropriate" surfboard. They will also offer a full menu of food and drinks, including cocktails.


And if that's not enough, ANOTHER planned surf bar in the DFW Metroplex is about to open up this summer.

Goodsurf has secured its first venue in Dallas, TX.

Urban Entertainment Concepts

According to a press release, Goodsurf Dallas is expected to open in early to mid-June in Dallas' historical Deep Ellum neighborhood at 317 S 2nd Avenue.

Goodsurf will feature what it describes as the world's most accessible and authentic surf wave technology, called "Citywave", an endless deep water stationary wave (up to six feet tall) that brings the thrill of surfing to the masses.

Goodsurf also claims it will offer a wide array of food and beverage offerings.


There's also going to be a beach volleyball court, spikeball, bocce ball, and other yard games and beach activities. The concept will come complete with changing facilities and lockers too. You can find out more about "Goodsurf" at its website.

This will soon make Dallas, TX the Surf Bar Capital Of Texas...

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