Whether you are moving to Texas from out of state, or you are simply moving from one part of the state to another, you are likely interested in the safety of the city you are moving to.

For many people, especially those looking to start a family, the safety of the place they are moving to is incredibly important. You have to consider a variety of things, but two of the most important factors people care about are the violent and property crime rates.

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You want to ensure that not only you and your family’s well being is safe, but also the things valuable to you like your home or vehicle.

If those things are extra important to you, and you are picking where you want to live based on those rates, then this particular Texas city will be of interest.

Melissa, Texas is located 45 minutes outside of central Dallas, just north of McKinney, and has a population of just over 20,000. This means that it could be a good choice for those looking to work in Dallas and are willing to commute.

As of 2024, according to Safewise.com which uses FBI crime data, Melissa is considered the safest city in Texas with a violent crime rate of only 0.2. It also has a low property crime rate compared to other Texas cities at only 3.2 as of 2024. This is a drastic drop from it’s previous property crime rate of 7.5 in 2022 and 6.5 in 2023.

These rates land Melissa, Texas in the top spot as the safest Texas city due it having the lowest crime rate.

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