People around the world love their sports teams. No matter the sport, there are a lot of feelings put into it.

One company stepped up to find out who was the rowdiest, proudest and loudest in the entire league.
How does it work? used a social listening tool called Linkfluence to analyze social media data for every NBA fanbase by looking at the number of posts using each team’s unique slogan.
They looked at a number of posts that had been made during the 2022-23 season using each team’s unique slogan and ranked them in order of most to least vocal.

Here is what they found:

Dallas has far and away the highest percentage of negative reactions on Facebook (21%), nearly tripling second place Philadelphia Sixers (8%). Dallas had the fifth-highest percentage of negative reactions on Twitter (12.1%), trailing Memphis (26.3%), Detroit (19.2%), Chicago (14.6%) and Brooklyn (12.5%). On Reddit, Dallas was calculated to have the ninth-highest percentage of negative reaction (10.5%).

After averaging every team's percentage of negative reactions on the three social media platforms, Dallas' 14.53% came out on top of the rest of the league.

So that means the Mavs fans were the most upset fans in the NBA.

 Los Angeles Lakers fans were considered as the "most vocal fans" in the NBA with 465,243 posts mentioning "#LakeShow," according to the study. The Golden State Warriors fanbase was second with 367,926 posts mentioning "#DubNation."

Back in May they also did a survey showing that "The Dallas Mavericks has the second-smartest supporters, with an index score of 8.62. No other team has more fans with a post-secondary education (27.6%), while they also have an above-average number of fans with upper-secondary qualifications. Meanwhile, fewer than 1% of Mavericks fans have no education whatsoever."

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