This list of country stars charged with felonies includes several delinquent youths, at least two singers battling addiction and one jealous rage that ended in murder.

Somehow, only six of the stars featured served jail time, and most that were convicted were released early on parole — including the guy who killed his wife!

Perhaps more important is the three hitmakers who overcame their past to make a major impact on their communities. Jelly Roll is the most recent example. His redemption story is well-known, but that doesn't mean he's not still paying the price for crimes committed 20 years ago.

The "Save Me" singer is an advocate for incarcerated youth, donating significant time and money to teens locked up and feeling hopeless. That's not enough for neighborhood judges, it'd seem.

Last year, he admitted he and wife Bunnie Xo found their dream home but homeowner's association rules prevented him from buying.

"It was a heinous crime," he says of what he did to land behind bars as a teenager.

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Previously, we featured eight country stars who seemingly killed their career by making bad decisions but still managed to find success afterward. It's a video that features an uncomfortable number of country men in relationships with underage women, but — believe it or not — only one of those men (Johnny Paycheck) is found below, for a different crime.

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