Here in the great state of Texas you see lots of families that have the normal family pets that you expect having either a dog or cat. I’m a big fan of my two rescue dogs as they make life better, their unconditional love makes life better. While I love having my dogs at home there are lots of other Texas families that enjoy having more unique and exotic pets at home. There are probably lots of animals on the list below that are allowed by the state of Texas as a pet even though you didn’t realize it was allowed.  

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It’s fun to meet and play with new animals, especially ones that are nice, remember exotic pets can also bring unexpected behavior. And not every animal is allowed under Texas law. So, prior to you ever attempting to acquire an exotic animal make sure that specific animal is allowed by law.  

Make Sure You Can Care for the Exotic Animal 

There are lots of animals that need more care than just a normal dog or cat, they also cannot go for extended periods of time without someone caring for them. Another thing to remember prior to getting an exotic animal is to make sure you have the ability and resources to care for the animal properly.  

What Unusual Animals Are Allowed in Texas? 

If you’re looking for a pet beyond just a dog or cat, there are quite a few that are allowed by Texas law. Here is a look at some of the more unusual pets that you can care for as it’s allowed in the state of Texas.  

Exotic Animals Allowed as Pets in Texas

If you want an exotic animal as a pet the state of Texas has quite a few that are allowed under Texas law.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

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