It just wouldn't be a major international sporting event if someone didn't "act the donkey". Super Bowl 58 was no exception as not one but two individuals decided the big game's worldwide platform would make a great stage for prancing about nearly naked in public.

The concept of streaking was first made popular back in the 1970s. It was somewhere on a college campus that some students decided that running through the streets naked would be a good idea. For some reason, the bizarre ritual caught on, and the fad even spawned a popular recording back in the day.

That was then and this is now some 50-plus years later and the desire of attention seekers or social media influencers to earn their 15 minutes of fame has never been higher. Nor has the payoff been more lucrative.

But for those who put on events such as the Super Bowl fans on the field is never a good thing. They create a risk for the players and themselves. And when you see how quickly security reacts you can see they are not playing when it comes to trespassing during the game.

There were two streakers on the field last night at the same time. We aren't sure if this was a coordinated event or if both guys just saw the opportunity and went for it. Regardless, it did not end well for either individual.

Both men were identified and arrested by Las Vegas Police. The men were charged with prohibited contact at an athletic event. That charge is a misdemeanor. Both suspects posted bond and will go before a judge in April of this year.

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