The Lone Star State is really pretty to look at sometimes isn't it? Well, not when we're getting baked alive by the sun, but we digress. Just remember the times when you see the bluebonnets in the state.

So when Texas has those bluebonnets, you can't help but just be in awe of the how many there are. The temperature isn't melting point, the wind is blowing slightly, and overall, it's the Lone Star State at its best.

But imagine if you will, trash suddenly appears, pushed into your view by the wind. That should irk you just a little bit right? But it is anything in Texas law that could deter someone from just throwing garbage onto the ground?

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As It Turns Out, Yes!

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, residents in the state could face repercussions for their actions of deciding to not use a bin to discard items. So it does look like "Don't mess with Texas" isn't as much of a slogan, as also a warning too.

But here's the thing, what actually is considering trash in the state? The Star-Telegram describes certain items that count, such as cans and cigarettes. Certain food leftovers like banana peels and apple cores also count too. So the main question, what will happen if you're caught red handed leaving trash on the ground in Texas?

Well, the first offense leads to a fine that could be $500. But the second offense increases the potential fine to $2,000 and the added caveat of a 180 day jail sentence. For further details, you can see the law here.

The Main Takeaway? Don't Litter In Texas!

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