What? Yet ANOTHER report of a scary stalker incident that occurred in East Texas. This particular warning comes from a woman who lives near Lindale, Texas.

Y'all this is sincerely disturbing. Of course, we hear about scary stalker scenarios more often than we'd like. However, rumors and confirmed cases of someone exhibiting stalking behavior at our East Texas stores hit a little closer to home--literally.

This particular situation took place in December of last year at the Walmart location in Lindale, Texas. A woman named Connie Schuster Berridge posted about it in a Lindale-focused social media group on Facebook.

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What allegedly took place last December at the Walmart in Lindale, Texas?

According to Ms. Berridge, on December 13 she had been shopping at the Lindale Walmart when, while she was taking her large basket of purchases out to her car, when she "passed a Hispanic-looking gentleman, grey shirt & pants, stocky build [...] and [she] said “Good morning.” He replied, “Looking good.”'

But then Berridge said she watched him walk to the entrance of the store, then turn around and head over to what she thought might be his vehicle. She said he was watching her the entire time she was unloading her basket. Then he allegedly walked up to the entrance again, then back to his possible vehicle.

At this point, Berridge said she phoned her husband so he could be on the phone with her while she put her groceries into her car.

In total, Berridge said he repeated this back and forth four times. While Berridge admits that once or twice would have been odd, but understandable, she felt four times was excessive. She said she later tried to phone Walmart but no one ever answered her call.

One of the things we found concerning was the fact that Berridge said despite the fact that her warning was meant to remind everyone to keep an eye on their surroundings, some people chided her and downplayed what she had to share.

Personally, I admire her for sharing what she did. I know it's all too easy to shrug these kinds of scenarios off as nothing to worry about. But you just never know. While we never want to live our lives in fear, it's important to be aware--better safe than sorry.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Ms. Berridge. And we are thankful you made it home safely.

Have you experienced anything similar to this in East Texas and want to share what happened as a warning to others? Please let me know at tara.holley@townsquaremedia.com.

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