Recently, we were deflated to hear that yet another one of our favorite Tyler, Texas restaurants will be closing its doors permanently as of January 18.

Aww man. This one is particularly bumming me out today. Earlier this week we found out that Traditions Restaurant & Catering is closing its doors after 23 years. And now, as of yesterday, we called to confirm that now Zoe's Kitchen is, in fact, closing on January 18.

Zoe's Kitchen has been a go-to fast-casual spot for Mediterranean-inspired offerings for years. Honestly, whenever I'm not sure what to have for dinner, I've often door dashed or picked up lunch or dinner from this place. One of the reasons I loved it so much was because not only was the food delicious, I enjoyed that they offered healthier choices.

Some of my personal favorites were the kabobs, the Greek salad on top of their delicious grilled potato salad, and of course--ALL of the hummus and pita offerings. And that's chocolate cake? Oh my gosh...

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Why is Zoe's Kitchen in Tyler, Texas closing?

JUST to make sure that the rumors we'd been hearing were true, I went ahead and called crying (not really, but close) to find out. The employee I spoke with confirmed they will be closing. Feeling bold, I asked why that decision had been made.

According to the employee with who I spoke, the parent company, Cava, had decided to phase out the Zoe's Kitchen concept everywhere. So, it's not just here in East Texas. (Not that that makes us feel any better.) 

However, there may be a silver lining.

A locally based social media group page said that Cava may be replacing Zoe's with another similar concept. And so, we won't fall into despair just yet. ;)

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