Weather in Texas is sometimes very unpredictable. We've seen it in real time haven't we? Especially the summer of 2023.

But Texas doesn't just have extreme heat, the state also sometimes has natural disasters occur, such as tornadoes or hurricanes. These cause much damage to the state, and well as many other issues.

During rough moments of weather, some in the state may wonder which natural disaster was the worst that the state has ever seen. For us to discover which is the most woeful, we must go back many years.

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The Worst Natural Disaster In Texas

According to 247WallSt, we have to go back to the 1900s. In the year of 1900, Galveston, Texas suffered from a hurricane. According to the data reported, It occurred on September 8th of 1900. 247WallSt also reported 8,000 passed away.

But to discover more on led to the loss of so much life, History shed more light on how certain decisions could've led to better preparation. According to History, The Weather Bureau, the precursor to the Natural Weather Service, made an inaccurate prediction regarding to storm. They reported the storm was to go over Florida, all the way up to New England.

Among other factors, by the time things were almost sorted out, it was simply too late to prepare. With winds at nearly 135 mph, and 3,600 Texas buildings destroyed, it stands today as the worst weather event in Texas history.

For further details, you can read here on the entire lead-up to the hurricane.

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