Humans aren't the only ones that love watching sports in Texas; we've seen some furry friends appreciate the games too. Sometimes they want to be part OF the games too, which can make playing very difficult. Here are some scenarios where a sporting event has been interrupted by animals in Texas.

We've seen squirrels interrupt sports in Texas

Let's start with some furry little critters first; in 2019 during a Cleveland Guardians & Texas Rangers MLB game, a squirrel was spotted on the baseball field.


Possums have been spotted at Texas sporting events

During a baseball game for the UT Austin Longhorns baseball game, an opossum had to be removed off the field.

And just recently, during a TCU-Texas Tech football, another possum had to be escorted off the field. I think he just wanted to try to get a touchdown...

Foxes have also been spotted in Texas

Speaking of Texas Tech & TCU, back in 2013, a fox would run on the field at Texas Tech during the 3rd quarter.

And ANOTHER fox would be spotted at Texas Tech when they were taking on the Arizona State University Sun Devils. I guess foxes REALLY love Texas Tech games...


Even snakes & bees have interrupted Texas games too

Yeah these are ones that are NOT funny. During a 2018 Corpus Cristi Hooks baseball game, a HUGE hive of bees was hanging in the Hooks dugout. The game was delayed for an hour and a half so the bees can be removed.

Another instance happened in Mesquite, Texas. Right before the Dallas Colleges Eastfield & Richmond would play, a swarm of bees flew towards the crowd. Thankfully no one was hurt. Ironically the winning team would be the Harvester BEES from Eastfield. Coincidence? Maybe...

But the scariest instance that I've found happened in 2018 during a Frisco RoughRiders & San Antonio Missions game; where a snake broke out onto the field. The day before, a cat broke out onto the field. I would take the cat over the snake ANY DAY.

And who can forget the black cat during a Cowboys and Giants game

While this one didn't happen in Texas, it involved the Dallas Cowboys playing against the NY Giants & it was too memorable to NOT mention. A black cat took the field just before halftime and the poor little guy was little scared. But the cat was able to safely leave MetLife stadium, after he was able to get into the end zone AND SCORE A TOUCHDOWN!!!! Sorry...

The black cat turned out to be GOOD luck for the Cowboys; they would win 37-18. I think they should've given that cat a contract, or make an honorary member of the NFL. He's undefeated and he has my vote.

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
Getty Images

Some other wild animal stories at sporting events.

Tim Hagerty, the voice of the El Paso Chihuahuas baseball team shares many stories in his book "Tales from the Dugout"; one in particular involved a wild bull running out onto the field during a Texas League game in Austin. The game got postponed.

Tim also shared where they had a weiner dog race at Southwest University Park (I wish I could've been the ref for that!).

There was even a story where players from the Western Hills High baseball team SACRFICED CHICKENS before a game in 2011. The most shocking part? They won a Wednesday evening game, 11-1. Of course I am not encouraging the actions of sacrificing animals, but it IS a weird coincidence.

There's likely there are more crazy animal stories I DIDN'T cover or that WILL happen in the future. If they do, make sure you have your camera ready. You never know what will happen at a game....

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