It isn't the biggest metroplex in Texas but it probably will be ... and sooner than later.

The Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston metro's are monsters but this "up and comer" may eventually beat them both.

A "mega-metro" is developing in central Texas

San Antonio and Austin are two of the fastest growing cities in the lone star state and they are starting to merge.

There is only about 80 miles between San Antonio and Austin and, as the area in between them fills, a "mega - metro" is forming that will soon rival DFW and Houston in size and economic impact.

A documentary on the developing mega-tropolis has been produced by KLRN which you can watch here.

As it appears now, San Antonio and Austin, two cities that could not be more different from each other, are preparing for their own inevitable metroplex. Once a tossed-off eventual inevitability, leaders in each city and the towns in-between — mayors, economic development folks, chambers of commerce — are having high-level conversations about the new region. In fact, they've been preparing for this since at least 1984, when the Greater Austin-San Antonio Corridor Council formed, composed of city leaders and business-owners in both cities. -

The documentary also looks at this from a sporting perspective.

It wouldn't be inconceivable to see this areas growth spark new professional sporting teams.

The Spurs have already played "home" games in Austin and more of those are planned. Instead of sharing a team, perhaps this development will create a new one.

The San Antonio River Walkers? The Austin Liberals?

At this point, for this area, ANYTHING is possible...

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