Since Texas became a state, Easter has been a huge part of the state's history. There are many Easter traditions we celebrate statewide, but there's one that is ILLEGAL in certain parts -- and in the rest of the state, it's recommended that we DON'T. This Easter crime involves buying baby animals for the holiday.

Cute little bunny sleeping in the basket and easter eggs in the meadow

Where is it illegal to buy baby animals for Easter in Texas?

According to News 4 San Antonio, their local NBC affiliate, they mentioned that it is indeed illegal to buy baby animals as "Easter novelties" in their city. They mentioned that the city's laws state that buying, renting, or just giving away baby chicks, ducklings, or rabbits that are less than 8 weeks old as pets is illegal. You also can not DYE your baby animals -- so don't paint them in any color aside from their natural fur...

Of course, there are also MORAL reasons why people SHOULDN'T. Just like with any pet, you MUST take care of them. A lot of baby animals get returned after the holidays and are sadly put down. So if you get one (that's of course OLDER than 8 weeks old), please make sure you give it to someone who CAN take care of it. The Texas Farm Bureau says the maximum number of chicks you can get is 4. And even then, they discourage people from buying them as simple gifts for Easter...

Another reason is that they COULD carry diseases. If you buy a baby animal from someone on the side of the street, you have no idea if they're clean or safe around you, your kids, or your pets. Chickens especially can carry E. Coli or salmonella. If you want to buy a chicken as a pet, there are proper hatcheries around Texas. The same goes for rabbits, too.

Group of small chicken. Isolated on white.

So, while you're getting your Easter candy and your Easter eggs, keep this in mind next time you're planning an Easter party. While this may only be illegal in SOME parts of the state...think of the animals. Think smart this year.

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