An extremely popular national fast-food chain looks to be rolling out pizza options on its menu.

Now before we get all giddy here in Tyler and Longview, Texas, the Chick-fil-A pizzas aren't available here. At least, not yet.

A story relating the development that was shared by CBS 19 stated:

'Most Chick-fil-A customers won't find pizza on the menu at their local store just yet: these new additions are only at the Little Blue Menu at Chick-fil-A's location in College Park, Maryland.

They were first introduced to the menu there on Monday.'

What prompted Chick-fil-A to begin developing pizzas at the Little Blue Menu? You did.

Stuart Tracy is Chick-fil-A's senior culinary lead developer. Tracy said they'd 'noticed [their] customers getting creative with Chick-fil-A ingredients on pizzas at home,' so they decided to start innovating to serve the wants of their loyal fanbase.

Although the pizzas, which rolled out on Monday, are currently only available at their College Park, Maryland Chick-fil-A locations, we have a feeling there's a good chance we'll be seeing them soon in East Texas.

The initial rollout of pizzas includes 6 options of Chick-fil-A pizzas that were developed at the Little Blue Menu in Maryland.

The more I read about the first 6 pizza flavors, the more I'm hoping we'll see them on our East Texas Chick-fil-A menus, too.

They include pepperoni pizza, a pepperoni round ( which is a calzone type of creation), a meats n' veg pizza, a cheese pizza...and saving the best for last:

Of course, there's a Chick-fil-A pizza topped with those succulent little chicken bites we all crave (especially on Sundays.) Finally, they've also created a Buff-Lo Ranch pizza, too.

OK Chick-fil-A, we're looking at you. BRING it.

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