The dust and pollen in El Paso can really rile up allergies, especially during the windy season. We got nothing on these cities across the country, 2 of which are in Texas.

Ah, spring in El Paso ... hurricane force winds along with blinding sand storms that make driving dangerous. The rattlesnakes are waking up, (good news for those with exotic food tastes), and we're all trying to form our sentences around our sneezes.

This is the worst time of year for those with allergies, especially if it's mulberry tree buds that set you off. They get so bad, El Paso once banned them.

As bad as the allergies can get around El Chuco, believe it or not, it's way worse for peeps in other cities across the USA. Mind you, El Paso is in the top 25 on the worst allergy cities list 2 other Texas cities came in higher.

This year, allergy season started early, experts say. Dr. Rachna Shah usually starts looking at pollen counts in the Chicago area in April. But she peeked at her data in mid-February, and saw tree pollen was already at a “moderate” level.

“This season has been so nuts,” said Shah, an allergist and director of the Loyola Medicine Allergy Count. “Granted, it was a pretty mild winter, but I didn’t expect it to be so early.” -

Dallas got the #4 spot and Houston was next at #14 with El Paso in 22nd place. You can see the top 15 here or, check out the entire list of 100 largest American cities here.

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Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins


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