Things are absolutely bigger in Texas. If you like long walks on the beach, this one in Texas is right up your alley.

The lone star state has lots of "big 'uns" to brag about. We have the world's biggest pair of cowboy boots, we have one of the longest freeways in the country and one of the biggest high schools too.

Now, let's talk beaches ... miles and miles and miles of beaches.

The beach at South Padre Island is 70 miles long. That's not only plenty of room for walking, it makes it #5 on the list of the 21 longest beaches in the world.

Texas, once again, showing epic proportions. That's 70 miles of sunbathing, walking, boating, fishing, horseback riding, zip lining ... you name it. There's a lot of stuff to do.

Even though South Padre Island has the longest beach in Texas, it's also home to one of Texas' smallest state parks, the Port Isabel Lighthouse.

The waters around South Padre Island are also extra easy to float in because the salt content in the water is super high.

They even make relaxing more effortless, that is very cool.

All you've read so far with beauty all around and a great party vibe.

Especially if you go during Spring Break.

South Padre is also a treasure hunters dream thanks to all the ship wrecks that have occurred there over the past few centuries.

The only downside to treasure hunting though is, if you do find any, you have to turn it over to the state.

Oh well ... It would still be fun searching, right?

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